Probably a grenaded transfer case


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Aug 4, 2014


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May 5, 2015
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So on to the next thing I need to fix... the two hard fuel lines that run up through the trans tunnel area are partially cut through from the whole t-case exploding thing. I think the disk from the e-brake managed to get close enough to nick the lines pretty good. They're not leaking yet but I don't like the looks of it.

I think these are the low pressure return line and the vent line? I'd rather not replace them with hard lines again. I was thinking of either cutting out the bad sections and replacing with rubber line or removing those hard lines entirely and replacing with rubber line.

The circled red lines are the ones I'm talking about and the yellow mark is where the damage is.


Anyone have any thoughts/opinions on this?

Also I'm coming back around to thinking about the e-brake situation. I'm kinda thinking of saying "f*** it" and reinstall the drive line e-brake. I'll need new caliper pads because the old ones got destroyed. It looks like these are the pads I need: Does that look right? I have a Sky Offroad model.

If I do put the driveline e-brake back on, then I definitely need to reroute those hard lines so they don't get screwed up again. The clearance is really bad there with the disk for the e-brake installed.

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My lines are an barb fittings at the tank with efi hose there and back. I have them clamped to the factory hard line by the engine. No issues for years.
if you cut the lines put a flare in there to clamp over otherwise hot for it. Running new hard line is easy too, buy bulk and gently bend with your hand to fit where you want it, or buy a cheap line bender if you’re concerned