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Vibrations II


Aug 22, 2005
Littleton, CO
I've reported in this list (probably a couple of times) about vibrations I've been getting centering around my transmission/drive-shaft. Originally, I thought it was the driveline angle. Using Roger Brown's info about drive shafts , I measured the angle. I installed a shim , which brought the angle to a more reasonable value. I think that helped reduce the vibration, but not by much. So, I did another round of peering under the truck and discovered that the insulator (that's what Toyota calls it) bushings that sit between the cross-member and the transmission were cracked and pulling away from the metal. I stopped by Off Road Solutions and spoke with Mike Caskey and we drove around a little (boy, he's great) and he definately felt the vibrations. He pointed out the insulator and a problem with the rear u-joint. He thought that could be a first cut.

I replaced the insulator and drove it around a bit. The vibrations had now shifted further to the rear. (I'm glad it did, since I was worried about the output bearings of the transfer case.) This past weekend I replaced the u-joint and on Monday I brought the driveshaft to Drive Line Service in Colorado Springs (fairly close to my new office). Nice people, very fast, and I think reasonable ($50). So last night I replaced the drive shaft and realized that I was out of grease to lube the shaft. Bummer. Hopefully, this will do the trick.

Thanks guys for all your help with this. This could be very cool. Only a few more projects until Cruise Moab.