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Aug 13, 2018
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Who/what is this club?
The Rising Sun 4WD Club of Colorado is a long-time club for people who love Toyota 4x4 vehicles and trucks. The club is also a chapter of TLCA, the Toyota Land Cruiser Association.

What is the difference between being a member of this online forum and a member of the club? Are they the same thing?
  • Anyone is welcome to join this forum and participate in our online community.
  • To be a member of the club, you must come to a meeting, participate in a club event (like a trail run), fill out an application, and pay annual dues (currently $50/year). Club members are mostly people who live in the Denver Front Range area.
  • So no, they are not the same thing. However, all are welcome here online, and at our club meetings & trail runs. There is no requirement to be a member of RS to participate in this forum, come to a meeting, or even to go on most club trail runs.
What does Rising Sun do?
  • We have monthly meetings at Stevenson Toyota in Golden, Colorado.
  • We have semi-organized trail runs on a regular basis, especially in the warm months.
  • We have several adopted trails in Colorado for which we do clean-up and maintenance every year, working hand-in-hand with the local U.S. Forest Service and other local government entities.
  • We support land use causes to keep trails open to motorized recreation.
  • We usually have a holiday party in December or January.
  • We hold an annual all-Toyota event in Moab in the spring every year (cancelled for 2020) called Cruise Moab.
  • We hang out with each other because we are friends.
How do I join Rising Sun?
Come hang out with us. Attend a meeting (or several), attend an event (or many), and see if you like it. We're glad to welcome new folks into the club, but there is no pressure to join. It's completely up to you.

What do I get for my $50/year?
Not much, actually. You get to vote at our meetings, and you have access to the meeting minutes. We'll give you a Rising Sun sticker if we don't forget. People don't really join because it's a good deal. They just join because they want to be a club member. Again, there is no pressure to sign up. We're not doing a recruitment drive right now (or ever).

How big is Rising Sun?
We usually have about 75 actual club members. We probably have triple that number of people who hang out here on the forum on a regular basis.

What is Cruise Moab?
Cruise Moab is an annual all-Toyota 4x4 event held in Moab that is organized by Rising Sun. Read more at cruisemoab.com.

Can you help me sell my old Toyota?
No, but you can post it up in our For Sale section.
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Our club membership gets us discounts on parts at some locations so I would state that differently in your post. There can be quite a lot of value there.