Hot Off The Press: BRDOHV: Updates from the Boulder Ranger District-Grant $$$ Headway


Land Use Coordinator
Dec 9, 2018
Highlands ranch, CO
From the desk of Matthew Henry:

Hey All–

I hope this finds you all doing well! It’s been a while and I wanted to bring you all up to speed on a few happenings here with us.

Two bigger items of news:

· Jared Smith has accepted a 120 day assignment as the Recreation Staff Officer in the Canyon Lakes Ranger District - effective immediately. CLRD is the location of the Cameron Peak fire, so they really need the help up there. We’re super happy for Jared to get this opportunity to see a larger and complex district. At this point, I would expect Jared to be back sometime in January. Congrats Jared!

o For the time being, please communicate with me while I work through how we’re going to operate for foreseeable future.

· I’ve just learned that BRD has been partially awarded two CPW OHV grants that we applied for last Fall/Winter - 1) the first was for the Lefthand Planning Grant/Partnership with NOHVCC, and 2) a 2 person OHV dedicated Trail Crew. While both grants are being funded around 50% of the original ask, we’re currently working on a revised scope of work and budget to award this funding. Thank you for any and all letters and emails of support – not sure if that’s what drove it over the edge, but this is a fantastic start. So more on this soon!

o And of course, we’re going to be applying for two more grants this fall/winter to build upon these grants.

Routine Items – (Since I’m temporarily absorbing Jared’s duties, this is going to be a little different this fall – I have limited capacity and a different management style)

· I’d like to meet with the adopt-a-road club presidents this sooner than month, in an effort to catch up on the season and start planning the fall road closings and beyond (We’ll plan a larger group meeting in October/November as necessary).

· Club Presidents – I’ll send out a separate request by end of week, but maybe we can tentatively plan a virtual meeting on the 17th?

· I recognize that this is a change. This is purely an effort for me to streamline communication on my end.

o Members/stakeholders – please work through your club representative or president for any needs, concerns, etc for this month.

§ You are also welcome to send me an email directly; I will likely delegate this back out.
§ If you feel that you do not have representation through a club or other means, let me know directly and we’ll work through it.

I’m sure that I’m missing plenty of items, certainly there’s so much to talk about. Please be patient as I work through this.

Stay safe and I’ll talk to you all soon.


Matt Henry
Recreation Program Manager
Forest Service
Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests &
Pawnee National Grassland
Boulder Ranger District
p: 303-541-2510
cell: 720-576-9232