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Drive Like A Girl Day: Switzerland Trail and Switzerland North

Yarn Runner

Rising Sun Member
Jun 15, 2020
Thank you @AimCOTaco and his daughter Devon and @Duchess and her parents for joining for the 4th drive like a girl day! The third was in Moab last weekend. The weather was perfect and we just missed the leaves on trail but caught them on the way out of Lefthand Canyon. Thank you @AimCOTaco for helping me out of a hard line! Then Devon got out of it like a pro. @Duchess for bringing out your super Lexus and taking her out on the trails. I can't wait for more trail days and keep posted for the next run.

@DomOfTheDead will follow up with pictures.


Staff member
Cruise Moab Committee
Aug 13, 2010
Longmont, CO
Major Thanks to @Yarn Runner for organizing and leading! We got real lucky with a nice October day, warm but a little overcast.
Devon loved it and got the cruiser through everything without any scrapes. We dig that color matched LX470 that @Duchess was breaking in and her parents seemed to really enjoy the new experiences of the day. Good times with RS, Thanks all!