Argentine Pass 8.15.2021

On the RX

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Nov 19, 2016
Met the family (6 adults and 5 kids) up in Central city Friday night after work and stayed at some casino lodging. The hotel hosed us and sold our room and gave us a king with a fold out couch. Jiovanni crashed on the couch and they gave us a rolled set of two sheets and a bakers dozen of pillow cases. No blanket but the bed had three pillows so we tossed the third his way and he made a second out of the all the pillow cases stuffed into one. They did not give us a discount for the inconvenience but did give us 3 comp breakfast bar tickets. This breakfast bar was what they probably gove someone that just lost it all at the tables and would at least send them home with something in their belly. It was bad to say the least. Not a good experience, you can find a very nice review online!

The family circus had no ring leader and it was quite a show. Georgetown train sold out before I was done with work on Friday. We grabbed tickets for the 11:30 run out of Silverton Saturday morning. Great train ride!

Hit the trail around 1:30ish maybe with my long time friend and now cousin in law and his 8 y/o son. Ran the bottom road and dipped up a fun connector after stopping at the chimney. Scoped all the camps along the way and all looked pristine from the road👍. Hit the fenced off mine area and it was still in good shape as well. When we turned around I though we were on the upper road going back to Georgetown but we were actually just up hill of that. It was tight and pinstripping occurred but was not well traveled and very pristine. Started airing up around 4 and back home by 5 to grill formerly living animal for the family. Good trip, sites still maintained from the cleanup day and Jaxon now wants a 4runner! May be a little while before he can reach the peddle!


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Aug 29, 2017
Aurora, CO
I was up there yesterday to! Too bad we missed each other.