Argentine help- 9/19/2020


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Aug 23, 2005
Hey all,

Looking for some help next Saturday up on Argentine.

My goals for next Saturday is A) follow the proposed extension of the Argentine Central from the end of the line at McClellan Mt to Grays Peak. B) Re-create an image at the top of McClellan Mt with a few vehicles ( basically a then and now type image). C) Further inspect the Ice Palace along the Argentine Central grade on McClellan Mt D) Catch the sunset Friday night from Sunset Peak and the old Ariel Tramway.

I'm looking for a few hearty souls to join me for the hike to Grays Peak and help re-create that image after. From looking at maps, the hike to Gray's Peak- following along the ridge line is around 3 miles one way. There looks to be a trail from Mt. Edwards to Gray's. From McClellan to Mt.Edwards there is no trail. For the hike, i'm planning to be moving by 6am to catch the sunrise. Figuring there will be some good scrambling during this hike.

I'm planning to camp here: 39.670834, -105.769061 Friday night to make things easy for the hike the next day. It's an exposed spot high up, but i'd rather spend time on the trail hiking then getting to the "trail head". So far weather is looking good for this.

The second owners of the Argentine Central had grand plans to build a hotel and grand spotlight ( to help light up the valley at night). They got as far as doing a survey for the extension of the narrow gauge line from McClellan Mt to Gray's Peak.

McClellan Mt 2018.jpg