Repairs/Upgrades/Mods for First Gen Tacoma


Rock Stacker
Aug 17, 2021
Hi all!

I have had a 1998 Tacoma SR5 (first gen) for a few months now. It has slowly turned into an off roading vehicle -- lift (3"), tires (33"), and camper (GoFastCamper). These are all professionally installed.

With the off roading, there is an ever growing list of things I'd like to do.

  • Fix the steering play (video)

  • Wiring for truck bed power -- for lights, fridge, etc

  • Dual Battery setup (Maybe?) (for the above mentioned)

  • Replace windshield wiper reservoir -- apparently its positioning and off-roading caused it break (relocate)

  • New seat install -- the original are shot even for highway driving

  • Lockers, but I'm pretty sure that is an expensive and professional job.

  • Supercharger, ha, maybe one day!
I'm not a "car guy". I want to learn to do this stuff, but I need to learn from somebody. I can watch all the Youtube Videos, but there is obviously a level of experience still required. I currently live in an apartment complex, no access to a full garage and tools.

I'd love to work with someone to learn this stuff. Paying accordingly of course.

Denver has DIY Auto Repair. It seems they go for more generic repair assistance, not mods.

Any recommendations where to start?