gx470 touch-ups


Cruise Moab Committee
Cruise Moab Committee
Aug 4, 2014
By the time I graduated from high school it was unfathomable how much of an idiot the old man was.

I could not wait to get out of the house to prove how smart I really was.

It was sure amazing how much he'd learned a few years later when I ended up back at home to get back on my feet.
same here!


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Aug 23, 2005
north side
I got the little dot lights in the bumper working again, found a relay where the terminal had broken off, which explained why it was popping fuses. Wired the little marker lights for the new grill into the same circuit, so one switch does them all now. Another 10 minute job that takes 2 hours... :rolleyes:

I also retouched the black set of rims, and put some new tires on it. Went with the new Les Schwab this time over by 4 Noses, since we're all down on Discount anymore... they took a long time, but the kids who worked there all seemed pretty sincere, they were apologetic when they had to replace a TPMS with a bad valve stem, then another with a bad battery, then another with a bad battery... 4 total.

Serindipitous is this tire shop is equidistant between a Starbucks and a brewery, it was morning so I went for the coffee and safer drive home. Firestone Destination XT, 255 75 r17. The math says they should be .5" taller than what was on there, they look about the same to me, so far they seem to ride smooth and quiet, and I didn't get a single flat or get stuck on the way home from the tire shop.



Can't really see the lights in the daylight, but they're only borderline cool anyway so whatevs...

I'll touch up the center caps then pop them in this weekend sometime, then I think I'm done for a while now. I gotta get back to work!