Anti-Access Playbook - Moab


Cruise Moab Committee
Cruise Moab Committee
Feb 15, 2013
Hi all, something to check out.

From BRC:

The Moab Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management recently released a preliminary range of alternative maps for the Labyrinth Rims and Gemini Bridges. At least two of these Alternatives have unacceptable levels of closures for this area. This is an incredibly popular area for all forms of recreation that is located north west of Moab.

For a good background of what's at stake with this area, our executive director, Ben Burr, discussed the planning process for this area at length on the Dirt Bike Channel podcast. You can listen to it here:

We have also made Freedom of Information Act requests for the public comments from anti-access groups, so we can learn in advance what they will be fighting to close. We are sharing this comment in full, so you can learn the arguments that are used to restrict access. Pay close attention to the maps that appear at the end of this document. These maps highlight the routes and areas that they want to see closed for motorized access. You can read their comment here:

This is a map of one alternative the BLM plans to consider with the proposed closures in red. Many of these trails are popular trails that are included as routes in major events like Easter Jeep Safari.

The BLM is still putting together their draft plan for this area, and Grand County is requesting more time as a coordinating agency to push BLM to close several popular routes. We will have time to influence the process and prevent them from deciding to adopt this restrictive plan, but we are going to need a lot of support. We will be sending a series of updates on this plan that will include actions you can take. We will also create some educational materials you can use to be ready to make substantive comments when the full proposal is released by the BLM.


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