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Snow and Pizza Run, January 2003

The 2003 Annual Snow and Pizza Run was a huge success! When I showed up in the parking lot that morning, I couldn't believe how many rigs where already there. And, I was relatively early - people just kept streaming into the parking lot. We certainly struck gold in the form of attendance. This was the line-up:

1. Kevin Ehrlick (Biege FJ-62)
2. Scott Yoder (Jade Green 4Runner)
3. Jeff Zepp (SeaFoam Green FJ-40)
4. Wayne and Berni Smith (White HZJ-75 P/U)
5. Steve Crase \ Dave Armbruster (White FJ-62)
6. Phil Simmons \ Jan Patton (Gold Taco)
7. Michael Aaron (Dark Blue FZJ-80)
8. Christo Slee (Yellow FZJ-80)
9. Robbie Antonsen (Grey FZJ- 80)
10.Ben Swain (Gray Bobbed Mini)
11.Al Ostoff (Gray FJ-40)
12.Matt Farr \ Dan Schrad (Green FJ-40)
13.Scott Brown (Yellow FJ-40)
14.Mike Edwards (Charcoal FJ-40)
15.Dan Dilley (White FJ-40)
16.Dan Markofsky (Green FZJ-80)
17.Perry Loughridge (Gray Runner)
18.Ige Gustavson (Light Biege FJ-60)
19.Greg Leur (Red Runner)
20.Russ Leverman & his son Dustin (green FJ-40)
21.Terry Holben (Green/Beige FJ-55)
22. Dan Reinmuth (yellow YJ)
23. John \ Terry Olsen (Red FJ-40 wants to join RS)
24. Danny Dilley (Yellow Bob Barker mini)
25. Brian Sandoval (86 Mini)
26. Bill Van Beek (Brown FJ-60)
27. Jack and Tish XXXX(Gray FJ40 Nevada - wants to join)
28. Jeff Alleman (Black FJ40)
29. Bruce Lawson (Red FJ60)
30. Chris Rayburn (silver & gray FJ80 with V8) off-road solutions
31. Jason Meyers (94' Ext. Cab)
32. Randy Harris (Red XJ, 4XEXPRT)
33. Bob Olsen (Red FJ-60 BoBo)

Kevin Ehrlick was our trail leader. After we all rolled out of Central City and up to the first meadow to air down, we had 33 Toyota's in the group. This was a new Rising Sun record. It was really was an impressive show of nicely built Land Cruisers. I was particular impressed with some of the modified FJ40's and FJ80's. Everybody's vehicles were extremely well

Shortly before 10:00 we stopped to re-group and take a photo. Then, a small aggressive group split off and took an un-chartered trail. They were blazing the trail through some really deep snow. I believe some of the members of this group were Dan Dilley, Mike Edwards and Scott Brown. They were able to go pretty far, winching numerous times. They were also the last ones back at the end of the day. 

The rest of us continued on to see how far we could get. The snow soon started to get really deep - with huge drifts here and there. The area was nice because there were small trails in several directions that offered fun for everyone in the group. 

Several of us took a trail that led down a hill into the woods - blazing fresh tracks all the way. We were all getting nervous because of the likelihood that we would have to turn around somewhere and make it back up this hill. Terry Holben was leading in his FJ55 Pig. We barely got him turned around and pointed uphill without siding off the trail. We then spent quite a bit of time winching terry up the hill and getting everyone going again. Luckily, the rest of us were able to turn around. We all charged up the hill with Christo Slee in the lead. Terry was having some carburetor\overheating problems at this point, so Chris Rayburn in his very large V8, FJ80 strapped him up the hill with gusto. The remainder of the group met back up top and hit some final snow drifts and got stuck a few more times.

Then we were off to Central City to hear how everyone did and enjoy some pizza and beer. What a great way to end the day!

Scott Yoder



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