2002 Trail Runs

Glacier Ridge

We headed up the Middle Fork of the Swan River east of Breckenridge. We then took a right hand turn up a small hard-to-find trail which leads up Missouri Gulch toward Georgia Pass. This trail holds a difficult rock garden section. The rocks in this section were very loose and randomly placed in the middle of the trail. I have to admit, we rolled a few key "body damage likely" rocks out of the way this time. I had suffered some damage a few days earlier on...... See More

Spring Creek Run - Fathers' Day

It was my first-ever real 4-wheeling trip, so arrived at the McDonalds at the El Rancho exit early. I sat in my car with my cheap CB radio on, eating a PowerBar for breakfast and waiting for someone to show up. I noticed a camouflaged Toyota truck with very interesting custom doors parked behind me, but I had never seen the driver and passenger, so I had no clue whether...... See More

Chinaman's Gulch

We met at the Gunsmoke Truck Stop in Johnson Village. Unfortunately, we were late in leaving when Greg showed up. We were glad we caught him. None of us had run this trail before, so we didn't know exactly how to get to the trailhead. I had several sets of directions and a map from Internet write-ups. However, none of them seemed to match the roads and terrain very well. There were quite a few side roads and very few signs, so finding Chinaman's Gulch was very difficult. We saw one other vehicle, a Pinzgauer. We followed it for a while to get us close to the trailhead. The road gave us several moderate obstacles - nothing too difficult for lockers and the proper line. The terrain was very...... See More.

Slaughterhouse Gulch

Before we left the parking lot at about 4:20 PM, we had a total of 17 rigs! These included Mike Edwards in his silver '66 FJ40 with his son Tyler as navigator, Mark Kassahn in his brown/gold '76 FJ40 on his first run with Rising Sun, Dean Baranski in his white '80 Hilux, Brian Sandoval in his gray '86 xtracab mini, the author in his red '78 FJ40, Matt Farr (trail leader) in his green '81 FJ40, Tim Noreen in his gray '69 FJ40 with small passengers Gaby and Tori (aka Victoria, according to herself), Bill Davidson in a hugely built yellow '72 FJ40 with wife Diane and daughter Kimberly, Perry Loughridge in his gray '87 4Runner with some fresh body damage from Lefthand Canyon, Jeff Zepp in his green '71 FJ40, Tory Roesch in his blue '83 FJ60, Steph Wilson in her...... See More.

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