2001 Trail Runs

Red Elephant Hill

We had a good full day of four-wheelin ahead of us. Red Elephant Hill consists of a steep narrow shelf road for the first mile, with several obstacles that proved to be most difficult. Finally there is the upper loop, which gives you the option to return down the Bill Moore lake road...... See More

Spooky Night Run

Steve led the group out of Gateway Park and proceeded to Jamestown and the trailhead. Meanwhile Mike Aaron had been busy setting out five inventively carved pumpkins at points along the trail where the group was to stop and draw a card from each one, attempting to put together a winning hand for the top prize, an Optima Yellow Top Battery...... See More

Father's Day Four Wheeling

It was set - a Fathers Day 4x4 run up Spring Creek. Our trail leader would be Jeff Zepp. As soon as Jeff announced it, I knew I would be there. And would hope that my father could join me as well. Jeff took me up last year (2000) on my first run with my new 4Runner. It had left me with a damaged front bumper. With my new bumper and winch recently installed and more experience behind me, I was ready to...... See More

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