2000 Trail Runs

Independence Trail System

The day started out right on track as I pulled up to the meeting spot the same time Dan Dilley and son Dan Jr. pulled up in their rigs right at 6am. After a quick 'hello' and a fast snag of last minute goodies at the station we were headed south toward Penrose. One other quick stop in Colorado Springs filled the growling stomachs at...... See More


Holly Cross City

Rising Sun started up the Holy Cross Trail at 9 AM on Saturday morning. Only 5 vehicles were ahead of us on the trail. We had three rigs in our group; Rob Meredith in his FJ-40, Lee (Guest from Hotchkiss) and Mary (from Vail) in a FJ-40, and Steve and Tim (Guests from Broomfield) in an 85 Four Runner. Rob's 1960 FJ-25 runs 33's, ARB's and a granny 4 speed. Lee was running 35's in his FJ with apparently similar modifications. I run...... See More.


Spring Creek Trail

This time, the snow had melted enough to go the whole way. My friend Scott was eager to test his 2000 4runner with factory rear locker and my '40 was itching to hit the trail again. We met at the Conoco, and at the trailhead met a guy who was camping with his family in his Scout II who stopped by to chat while we aired down. Turns out he knows...... See More

Deadman's Creek

The annual Adopt-A-Trail trip started early on a beautiful Saturday morning. We were to meet at 6: 00 a.m. at the I-70, Morrison exit at the Geo Cut parking lot. I can’t think of a better way to start a weekend then to crawl out of bed at 4:30 in the morning! With shovels, a chain saw, assorted tools and a bunch of good attitudes the caravan consisting of two Cruisers, one...... See More.

A Young Cruiser Head's First Trip To Moab

We had planned to leave with Bruce Westlund and the Millers to caravan on the Saturday before the event. I was anxious to get out there and run the trails I was leading and gunning. As the weekend of our depart approached, I called Bruce W. and told him that I wouldn’t be able to keep their pace so I would be heading out ...... See More

Bullet Hole

The rigs started showing up the south parking lot of the Crossroads Mall, right on time. I kept quiet about a couple of guests I was expecting, as I knew it would be a surprise for the rest of the group. The surprise guest’s I knew were coming were the infamous Cap’n Crunch (Greg McNeil) in his bashed but very trick mini truck and Venezuelan friend Adrian Vera in his ultra trick, expedition set up...... See More

Hacket Gulch

We left for Deckers where we would pick up my cousin Bruce Luer. Yes there is more than one of us in town. He moved out here more than 25 years ago and his first ‘wheelin rig was a ’72 FJ-40. Bruce had listened to my stories of this club I belong to and finally got a chance to come along. He says he still loves to wheel just as long as he doesn’t have to...... See More

Snow Run

A big "THANK YOU" to all that attended! It was a fun day that will not be soon forgotten

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