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Old 11-30-2017, 01:49 PM
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I did get this "sorta" going on my Baofeng. All it took was a trip over to Ham Radio Outlet.....randomly. I turned on my radio after leaving HRO and flipped over to frequency mode where the radio was already tuned to 144.390 and right off heard a packet come in. I figured the store must have an APRS weather beacon or something so I kept it on and kept hearing packets all the way back to the office. Hooked up my cable once back there and in certain situations I receive beacons. Somehow here at my office building I get beacons in the elevator shaft but not by the windows! Who knows....

I have a TM-V71A on the way. My wife wants to buy it for me for Christmas so I have to wait (I know it's silly!). Then I plan to to add a Mobilinkd and the old tablet I mentioned. Then I want to get a better HT in the near future.
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