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Old 12-10-2017, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by OilHammer View Post
Were you looking at learning the industry for commercial or residential Matt?
You mentioned "for investment" and that's an odd reason to get in. Frankly, unless you are a realtor as a career, I think you would be far better served in your investment to use a broker who knows an area VERY well. They'll know about all sorts of issues that you may not find when casually looking. 3% is nothing compared to buying a house and finding out you don't have an access easement! (We have a friend that bought a second property and that happened to him. He didn't use an agent)
Totally agree
You will never learn what a great realtor knows unless you plan on selling 75 plus properties a year for many many years
Great to gain general knowledge

Its like Tball vs the major leagues
But if you want it to know more and have options go for it
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I'm a full time realtor of 13 years.

If you're just thinking of getting into it for investing, I would actually recommend you're better off without a license. Being licensed exposes you to a whole new level of disclosure requirements, liability and basically can put more of a target on your back in the eyes of the consumer.

There are a lot of "part timers" and licensed non-career folks flipping their own properties in the Denver metro right now, and frankly it's a mess. This is one of the cases where a little knowledge is probably more dangerous than no knowledge at all. Having a license or even being in business for a long time as a "part-timer" do not make one a competent realtor. You need to do it full time and live through all the various nightmares and headaches to really get the level of experience required to be any good at it. And yes, to maintain a license, you do need to have a managing broker and office to hang your license. You cannot open your own shop or work independently until you've been licensed 2 years and met certain benchmarks.

That's my $.02 anyway. If you'd like to consider it as an actual full time career, that's a different story, and I'd be happy to share my experience and suggestions.
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