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Had a great time at Cruise Moab again this year. I left early this year and discovered a new and beautiful route. First night I spent above Colorado National Monument. Tuesday I went down through Gateway and checked out The beautiful car museum there. FROM Gateway I headed straight West for the La Sal mountains into the snow. Let's just say that greasy mud was fun pulling a trailer.
In Moab I wound up camping on the Colorado River this year. Thursday I ran Seven Mile, which was uneventful but more fun than last year as everyone was hitting the obstacles. Friday for me was Poison Spider Mesa with the Prophets. A few breakdowns and one vehicle left on the trail. Luckily they recovered Donny's truck the next day fully intact.
Saturday was a chore and a blast. Kane Creek! I would highly recommend 35s or taller tires for this run. I struggled with 33s and the only other on 33s a Cruiser had to be strapped and winched in a couple spots. I took some body damage in the squeeze and Hamburger Hill lived up to its name. We got out of the creek just in time! As we finished airing up the downpour came and flash floods are no joke in the desert.

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