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Originally Posted by scrapdaddy View Post
Hey Everybody,

wanted to thank the Rising Sun group for putting this event on. We came out from Missouri for our second year with the 55 and had a great time. Low range kept kicking out, so that sidelined us for the last run. Wheeled with some really nice people and met a lot of new friends. Looking forward to next year and thanks again for putting up with us.

All the hard work does not go unnoticed!

Best Regards,
Ron...wondered why we didn't see you on Fins 'n Things Saturday. Would have been nice to have both Pigs on the same run. Sorry for your problem and also sorry we didn't get to say goodbye. See you in mid-June

Thanks also to Rising Sun for a great event. It was our third but the first time we've been able to take it all in and do the runs. Impressive organization and execution all the way from tech to checking out on Sunday.
Thanks to all....


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