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Here are a few pics from others I was with. I didn't take may pictures or video this year.

1. Hells gate. The first place I like go the first morning to get warmed up on the slick rock.
2. Cliff Hanger. No that chick isn't in the drivers seat in the Canadian diesel.
3. Cliff Hanger lunch spot.
4. 40 on it's side on Green Day in Area BFE. The buggy guys were going to spot me through this obstacle. I was going to do it but decided to find my own by-pass after seeing the 40 struggle so much. I had my hands full with the by-pass believe me. The buggy guys were way cool dudes by the way.
5. Front Skid plate. I had to take this on and off a bit to keep my diff fluid topped off due to my ARB locker issues. I hate having to re-form this every time to just get it back on.
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